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Amit & Co. Ranked as a Leading International Law Firm

In English we say "congratulations", in Chinese 祝贺您 (Zhùhè nín), and in Hebrew, Mazal Tov (מזל טוב !)

I am happy to share with you that my firm, Amit & Co. was ranked by BDI Code as a leading law firm in the field of international business law (boutique firms).

Doing cross border business requires in depth knowledge and experience of the business, legal and cultural nuances which are vital for the successful completion of international transactions and resolution of cross border disputes.

It is our goal to continue to serve you clients from across the globe and to secure that their international business will grow and thrive.

You are invited to follow my page for regular updates and input to promote your international practice with a focus on China, Israel and the US.

Your truly, Amit (白尤硕)

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