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In Which City to Establish Your Business in China?

China Top Destinations for Business

Your company is thinking about opening an office in China but is not sure where the best location is. You heard great reviews about Shanghai, but would like to explore other cities, but are not sure where to start.

Recently Forbes China published a list referring to China’s Top Cities for Business. In the list you will find cities which are less known to some Westerners, for example Wuhan, Chongqing, Suzhou and Hangzhou, which are ranked among China’s top ten destinations for business. The well known, mega cities, Shanghai (my personal favorite), Guangzhou, Beijing, and Nanjing took the four top slots in the list. Many of the cities in Forbes China list are provincial capitals, but not all. The amazing part is that the market opportunities in each city are enormous. Take for example the city of Wuhan, who has approximately 20 million people in its metro area. The city of Suzhou (the provincial capital of Suzhou) has the purchase power parity (PPP) which is almost comparable for the entire PPP of Austria.

Before selecting where to invest in China, one needs to consider the market opportunities, resources (mainly qualified human resource), competition, and the specific industrial strength of each city. It will be wise to consult with a China expert and to formulate a focused plan. To get your China plan moving forward feel free to reach us at

For Forbes China full list go to Forbes China Best Cities For Business.

The international law firm of Amit & Co. specializes in international business law. Amit is the former director and co-founder of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in China and resided in China for nine years.

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