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Attorney Ben-Yehoshua: "Especially during this time, Israel must act to assist China. "


The Chinese and the Jewish people have a long-standing relationship and must work on strengthening this relationship - especially in times of trouble. The Corona crisis in China is an opportunity to strengthen the Israel-China relations. The Israeli government needs to think how to help China in times of trouble and to actively assist in the matter. I have contacted the Israeli Minister of Defense regarding this matter and I suggest to my friends to contact the Israeli government and to raise your concern.

In Chinese, the word "crisis" (wéi jī ) consists of two characters (危机). Equally, the word "opportunity" in Chinese (Jī huì) (机会) - contains a common character (highlighted in red). That is, in every crisis, there is an opportunity.


China is one of Israel's most important strategic partners and it would be right for us to invest the resources and to act and strengthen our relationship in China especially during the crisis. Feel free to listen to my TV interview)  in Hebrew).


Attorney Amit Ben-Yahoshua & Co. is an international attorney specializing in Chinese and US law and is the founder of the firm. He holds a law license in Israel and California and holds a master's degree in Chinese law from Tsinghua University in Beijing on Chinese law. In addition to his training as a lawyer , Amit Hino has training as an arbitrator, mediator, and has a license as a notary.

The firm's areas of specialization: representation of international companies, international contracts, foreign investments in China and the USA, establishment of companies and joint ventures, international trade, corporate law, international dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation), protection of intellectual property, providing legal advice to knowledge-rich companies, translations and notarized certificates in Chinese, English and Hebrew.

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